Problems With Free Will – Ep. 147 – What About Evil? – Guarding The Sacred Treasure Of Free Will – Part 2

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Problems With Free Will

We continue to look at problems with free will in light of the explanation it supposedly gives Christians when it comes to answering the problem of evil.

We see why the Reformed position rejects parts of libertarian free will in exchange for soft determinism. Libertarian free will undermines the doctrine of depravity, who God is, what Heaven is, who Satan is, and actually seems to undermine the Trinity. On top of that, the presentation of free will in that form seems to make all decisions arbitrary – which seems like a problem.

And of course, there’s a Star Trek V reference. But we don’t answer why God would need a spaceship.


00:00 – Introduction
01:21 – Free Will Undermines The Doctrine Of Depravity
03:46 – Does Prevenient Grace Save Free Will?
07:35 – Free Will Renders Decision Making Arbitrary
10:23 – Our Decisions Are Not Arbitrary
11:57 – If Free Will Is So Important, Why Doesn’t God Have It?
13:16 – Is God Not Able To Hate Within The Trinity?
16:03 – Satan Can Do Good?
17:19 – Free Will Can’t Say Why Humans Can’t Have Only Good Choices?
18:32 – Free Will Doesn’t Exist In Heaven
24:00 – Conclusion

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Problems With Free Will

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What About Evil Book

What about Evil? A Defense of God’s Sovereign Glory by Scott Christensen
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What About Free Will

What About Free Will? Reconciling Our Choices with God’s Sovereignty by Scott Christensen

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