Celtics PRIDE: Trade Ideas, Honest Ime, and The Losing Silver Lining

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The Celtics Pride guys are back together again to talk all things Celtics. They start the pod by offering a few more trade ideas before delving into the recent response to Ime Udoka's comments and philosophy of honesty. "Honest Ime," as Adam calls him, is nothing if not direct, and the guys weigh in on what they think of this approach. Unlike some media members, the Celtics Pride crew doesn't see Udoka throwing his players under the bus. Instead, they see his comments as being parallel to exactly what all the fas are watching on the court. They then promote CelticsBlog's Adam Spinella's recent article supporting Udoka as creating a player-led culture of accountability and leadership.

They wrap up the episode by discussing why all the losing the Celtics are doing could actually be a good thing for the Celtics stars, and the team in the future. How could this be? Tune in to find out.

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Hosts: Adam Motenko, Josh Motenko @coachmotenko and Mike Minkoff, @mikeminkoffnba

Email: at celticspridepodcast@gmail.com

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