132: The Church

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On this episode we are talking the stories and secrets of The Church, a goth club in Dallas that ran for 30 years as well as the currently in production documentary ‘Dark Sanctuary The Story of the Church’. We’re also talking about the impact of horror on goth, the paranormal and the ephemerality of life, ritual magic and more!

Our guest this month is Timothy Stevens, you can find more information about the documentary on the website and support the Indiegogo here.

Introduction 00:00

Getting into goth 3:00

Horror Films 8:30

The Church Documentary 25:00

Crafting a film 41:00

More Stories 1:00:00

Death and the Paranormal 1:07:00

The State of goth 1:20:40

Album Review: 1:38:50 Night Sins - Violet Age

Sinister Suggestions: 2:09:00 -Everything Everywhere All at Once -Mad God -Amaranth - Gothimist -Ekko the Strange - Mystique -Molt - Velos Invisibles -This Eternal Decay - Nocturnae -Fawns of Love - Innocence of Protection -Totenwald - Part Time Punk Sessions -I am Noone - The Need -Clone Culture - Floating -Mark E Moon - Lux Vindictae -Laura Krieg - Vie Magique -Camlann - Train to 86th Street

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