[SPINNING YARNS] 103. James Christian - The Sydney boy turned Territory Cattleman

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James Christian’s childhood couldn’t have been further from that of his cousin, Sams. While Sam was growing up on a cattle station in Central Australia, mustering cattle, James lived 2000km away on the beaches of Sydney, preparing to compete in the Sydney to Hobart sailing race.

However, as fate would have it, a spur of the moment trip to visit the rellies in the bush would seal James’s fate and he hasn’t been able to leave since, cementing his commitment to the industry by purchasing his own mob of cattle in partnership with his cousin.

James always brings a unique perspective to discussions about rural Australia and the cattle industry, so we hope you enjoy hearing his story and point of view.


This episode is supported by Direct Drilling. Direct Drilling is a locally owned family drilling company based in Kununurra, servicing the Kimberley and Northern Territory. All Drillers are nationally licensed with the Australian Drilling Industry Association ensuring best practice, the protection of water resources, and guaranteeing the life of the bore. Find out more at directdrill.com.au

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