David Peck. Multiple World and European Duathlon Age-group Champion from ages 66 to 80!

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It was a privilege to sit down and chat with Dave Peck in his lovely house in Lode, just East of Cambridge. Aged 89 now, Dave oozes enthusiasm as he recounts the stories of the many challenges he has taken on. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages (links below) to get an idea of the extent of his achievements in the tough sport of Duathlon (run/bike/run) at an age where most people might consider such endeavours impossible. If you like the podcast please share it and rate and review it on Spotify or ITunes. Follow us on Instagram @camendurancesportspodcast and like our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Cambridge-Endurance-Sport-Podcast-112279984010325/ Message me if you want to get in touch with Dave.

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