Flatwoods Monster | Cryptids of West Virginia

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This week, we discuss the Flatwoods Monster case that haunts Flatwoods, West Virginia.

On the evening of September 13, 1952, in Braxton County, West Virginia, our story begins when Ed and Fred May and Tommy Hyer see a large glowing red or orange light flying light across the sky before coming down in the nearby field that belonged to their neighbor Mr. Fisher. Shocked at what they had seen, the boys immediately ran back to the May home to grab the boys’ mother, Kathleen. After informing her of what they had seen, she agrees to go with them to investigated what happened. On their way to the field, the group picked up Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver, and a young National Guardsman, Eugene Lemon. The young boys ranged in age between ten to fourteen. Also, the town dog accompanied the group.


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