INTERVIEW: Storm Faerywolf on Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft and his new books!

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Hey gang! Hey gang! You may remember Strom from the text interview he did on the RPN blog. Today, Storm's joining us for an interview about his upcoming books, the state of the LGBTQIA+ community, and a dive into Black Rose and Blue Rose Witchcraft.

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Storm Faerywolf is a professional author, experienced teacher, visionary poet, and professional warlock. He is co-owner of The Mystic Dream, a spiritual supply and bookstore where he teaches and offers spiritual and magical services to the public. He is a founding teacher of the Black Rose Witchcraft online school and travels internationally teaching the magical arts.

He is the author of “Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft”, “Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft“, and “The Stars Within the Earth”.


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