Why You Should Reconsider Having an Open House

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If you are planning an open house, you should reconsider. Today I will explain the risks. Today I want to talk to you about open houses. There are a lot of people who think open houses are the best thing ever. They think that they will get a lot of qualified people walking through their house on a Saturday and end up with offers on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, this is wrong. In general, open houses do not work. Usually, the people who come into an open house are nosy neighbors who want to peek around and see what you have done to your house. Unqualified buyers are also a risk. Many people go to an open house with a lower budget than what your home’s price range is in. There are people who have been looking for a home for five to eight years. They are known as “true tire kickers” and when they see an open house sign they coming running in, but are more interested in free food and drinks than in purchasing a home. Theft is also a risk during an open house. With so many people walking through a home, valuables could wind up missing. Monitoring every single person in attendance simply isn’t possible. So, with all the risks, why do we still do open houses every day? “I am hesitant to do an open house because it is difficult to watch multiple people as they walk through a home at the same time and valuables could wind up missing.” Because we hold open houses for qualified buyers only. Before we do an open house for you, we make sure that every buyer who walks through the door has a loan approval. We will work hard to get qualified people through your door, not your nosy neighbors. If you have any additional questions about this or are interested in selling with us, please feel free to contact me anytime. I would be happy to help.

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