Ep 84 Crossing The Unknown Sea

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It’s Virgo season, and Mercury is retrograde. Heidi and Ellen talk about how they are experiencing these astrological forces. Then they take questions from Christine and Tracy. Christine is a retired (burnt-out) public school teacher and is now working temporarily as a clerk in a grocery store. She has so many things she wants to do, but she mostly wants to write or do book editing or book coaching. She wonders how to make the transition (11:25). Tracy has had many jobs and thinks of herself as a master generalist. She is presently working in the field of risk management for local government. She also does a podcast with her friend Amy (from Episode 78!). She wonders about the future of that endeavor from the perspective of her chart (20:41). They also talk about the new Lord of The Rings prequel- The Rings of Power; The Game of Thrones prequel- The House of the Dragon; and the great series, Barry (31:28).

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