End of the road? 'My BF doesn't understand my mental health issues'

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How do you know when the right time is to take a break from your relationship? The Cheap Chat gang are back for the season finale as they say farewell to another series. Carlotta and Nush reflect on their new life transitions and Rume is hopeful for the future as they discuss their first relationships and what they want out of life moving forward. Elsewhere, the gang help one girl decide if she should take a break from her relationship to deal with her own personal mental health struggles. Join the Rume, Nush and Carlotta every Wednesday as they dive into more text messages based on real dilemmas. To have your dilemma answered make sure you message us on Instagram! Follow us: @cheapchatpodcast (Private message us your dilemmas, they all remain anonymous!) @keepitfrank @carlottaconstant @nushcope

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