Growing with my fellow growers #120: fathers day: coco vs other mediums (rockwool, dwc, soil) & more

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This fathers day episode host @Jackgreenstalk / @Jack_Greenstalk ( is joined by @SpartanGrown ( , @drmjcoco from and @Zenthanol aka @synchangel on Instagram twitter and social media platforms like patreon and discord, he is also a staff writer for skunk magazine. This weeks show the panel discusses coco vs other mediums like rockwool, deep water culture and soil. There is a discussion of running pure coco vs a mix of coco and perlite (70/30 etc) as well as possible coco aeration substitutes (pumice, rice hulls etc). Matthew provides feedback on IPM implications of growing in different mediums The panel discusses their thoughts on flushing in coco, and how spartan and dr mj both individually differ in their methods. We talk about differences in watering between mediums, starting with coco and how it compares against rockwool,. DWC (deep water culture), and soil. Spartan grown gives an update what's going on in his garden and life, sharing some fatherly memories and moments in relation to his son, working and fathers day. The panel also take questions from the chat regarding the above topics, if you want to have questions answered join us live on youtube, sundays 4 pm to 6pm PT, or 7-9 pm ET. Thanks to all the listeners both live and on the podcast and recorded youtube afterwards for your listenership and support!

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