GWMFG #118: plant training, integrated pest management and more

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This week the panel discussed plant training. From mainline, low stress training, super cropping and more the panel also discuss integrated pest management reasons for leaf removal from certain spots of the plant for a variety or reasons. We also discuss managing environmental conditions to dial in grow space, and some insect identification and discussion. short a few members this week, the Panel made up of Host @JackGreenstalk / @Jack_Greenstalk joined by @DrMjCoco from instagram and youtube , Matthew Gates @Zenthanol on youtube @synchangel on instagram, twitter & patreon. @RustBrandon aka @Bokashiearthworks and @Black.label.organics on instagram and for range of products, @SpartanGrown on instagram or email, @Noahtheegrowa on instagram Shout out to @Predicativebreeding on all social media platforms who carries his work at , as well as @atgacres who wasn't able to join this week, checkout for the plant packers, "the best way to send a clone" -jack, as well as stickers and tshirts thanks for all the continued listenership and support and shoutout to all the new growers who joined us this week! see you next sunday!

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