GWMFG #121 - Growing in heat, VPD discussion, Light spectrums and their impact and "Industry claims"

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This week on Growing with my fellow growers host @JackGreenStalk is joined by the panel @drmjcoco of , @spartangrown ( , @Rustbrandon of bokashiearthworks ( for products) , @atgacres aaron the grower for plant packers, stickers and shirts, @theamericanone / @theamericanone_with_achenes on instagram, @predicativebreeding on all social media platforms kyle breeder of predicative breeding ( for feminized seeds and autoflowers soon!) , integrated pest management expert @synchangel on instagram and twitter/ @zenthanol on youtube as well as patreon and discord, and @noahtheegrowa was unable to join the panel this week. This week the panel discusses how to grow when you have to manage high heat of the spring and summertime. the panelist give tips and advice for how they like to manage their grows during hotter times of the year, and we also discuss the integrated pest management implications that occur when temperature rises. This impacts not only what we have to do in our grow, but the types of pest we see and how we will deal with it. We also dive deeply into VPD or Vapor Pressure Deficit and how it impacts growing, but may not be as important as some make it out to be. Aaron the grower shares his VPD which may make some think his plants would be having a hard time, yet they are thriving! The second hour of the show the panel discusses different types of grow lighting, and the impacts of different spectrum. From UV, to blue, green, red and far red the panel dives deep into the different spectrums and how they impact plant growth, photosynthesis and secondary metabolite production. The panel also evaluates a claim, and discusses the implications of big claims made in marketing of products in gardening, agriculture, lighting and other business spaces. Be aware of products that make big claims! ask for science and data to back it up, and even then be skeptical!

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