Ep 58 Being Human Together with Miles Adcox

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We were absolutely thrilled to get to sit down with Miles Adcox.

Miles is an entrepreneur, speaker, host, consultant, writer, and coach. He is known for his over 15 years as owner and CEO of Onsite, an internationally-known emotional wellness lifestyle brand that delivers life-changing personal growth workshops, inspiring content, leadership retreats, and emotional treatment.

We talked with Miles about some of the new ventures he’s undertaking, how exploring our emotional health can feel like discovering a new language, the gift that came from a year where we were all suddenly more willing to discuss mental health, and some of his rich parenting wisdom that brought us to tears.

Miles is one of the most soulful humans we’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with on the podcast, and we know you’ll agree that hearing him talk simply makes you want to be better.

You can find Miles on Instagram @milesadcox or on his website milesadcox.com

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