Ep 212: Create-A-Crisp

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It's a new year and CheapShow keeps on truckin' on with more economy comedy goodness! And what a packed show it is, Guv'nor! This week, we eat some truly weird and wonderful snacks and open up the "Crisp and Snack Lab" where we can experiment with some very unusual flavours. Thanks to the PO Box, we get to go full Frankenstein with a bag of "Create-A-Crisp"s and invent 3 new taste sensations! There is also a shocking tongue bashing in the form of "Zombie Takis" and that's before we even dive into a bag of truly bizarre Kit Kat snacks. Oh there's also The Bash Street Kids, Hot Sauces, X Factor Top Trumps and a Dead Bat too. Nearly forgot about that stuff. See? It's packed... maybe too packed. We didn't even mention all the new characters. Apologies in advance. And if you like us, why not support us: www.patreon.com/cheapshow Share & Enjoy. Photos/Videos for this episode can be seen at https://www.thecheapshow.co.uk/ep-212-create-a-crisp If you want to get involved, email us at thecheapshow@gmail.com And if you have to, follow us on Twitter @thecheapshowpod or @paulgannonshow & @elisnoid Like, Review, Share, Comment... LOVE US! Also, you can NOW see Eli star in "Ashens & The Polybius Heist", download it from here: https://www.watchpolybiusheist.com MERCH Www.cheapmag.shop www.tinyurl.com/rbcheapshow Paul is writing a book! Want to help make it happen? https://unbound.com/books/ghosts/ Send Us Stuff! CheapShow PO Box 1309 Harrow HA1 9QJ

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