Ep 237: The Rendlesham Forest Deception!

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It's another epic CheapShow adventure, and this week, Paul & Eli are facing the unknown as they investigate the mysterious Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, UK. In December 1980, two American soldiers based at an US Air Base saw a UFO land in the Forest and their story became one of the most fascinating tales of extra-terrestrial contact in history. in 2021, Paul and Eli join Digitiser's Mr Biffo, Sanya and special guests Ryan Livermore (Barshens) and "Ashens" himself Stuart Ashen in a hunt into the unknown! However, the Cheap Chaps are also out to expose Biffo for the fraud that he is whilst Paul has his own nefarious reason for the trip! What will it be? Has everyone lost their mind? Who is Viv Sparklefish? In fact, who is ANYONE this week? It's a journey you won't want to miss! You should maybe try though, as it may addle your mind! See pictures and/or videos for this episode here: www.thecheapshow.co.uk/ep-237-rendlesham-forest-deception And if you like us, why not support us: www.patreon.com/cheapshow If you want to get involved, email us at thecheapshow@gmail.com And if you have to, follow us on Twitter @thecheapshowpod or @paulgannonshow & @elisnoid With @mrbiffo @charmfairy8 @ryan_livermore @ashens Like, Review, Share, Comment... LOVE US! Oh, and you can NOW listen to Urinevision 2021 on Bandcamp... For Free! Enjoy! https://cheapshowpodcast.bandcamp.com/album/urinevision-2021-the-album MERCH Official CheapShow Merch Shop https://www.redbubble.com/people/cheapshow/shop Www.cheapmag.shop www.tinyurl.com/rbcheapshow Send Us Stuff CheapShow PO BOX 1309 Harrow HA1 9QJ

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