Cheshire Matters 10.09.21

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Season 7 Episode 7 of Cheshire Matters, your favourite 'digital' pub featuring your absolutely brilliant landlord and host Jonathan Starkey with regular panelists Trevor Nicholls (the Gazelle), Mark Hartley (Stats Man) and Steve Ingram (formerly Lycra Man, the Raven (C-Caw), the Patriot, Captain Crow, Captain Pugwash lookalike, potential Eurovision Song Contest entrant and lately Right Engle and Captain Circumference 360º) and our new addition to the panellists, the Dr. in the house, Dr. Colin Hankinson, dropping in for a digital pint to discuss important national, regional and local issues, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious always entertaining. Refurbishment to the Cheshire Matters lounge is complete and Dr. C. will be relocating to the snug for some interviews in future episodes.

Important subjects in the news at the bar this week include a brief round up of stories that caught the eye of the Landlord, main theme is Government U-Turns and apparently not following the science with freedom subject to a potential tyranny, local unemployment and benefit figures and the welcoming of Afghan refugees by CWAC, the psychology of populism Part 2 from the Dr. in the house, Woke the Plank about the NHS, Public Figure of the Week is the comedian Chubby Brown with the usual shout outs and shout downs and much much more. Join us for these interest topics and the usual humour from the best digital pub in the UK.

Music on this episode:

Opening and Closing Music - Moving ON © and ℗ JMN 2015

Another absolutely brilliant JMN production for Cheshire Matters. No other podcast in the UK beats our quality production values.

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