Fifty Shades of Chill

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We’ve made it to 50! I am so very proud of how far this show has come. Since its inception in 2016, my goal has been to produce quality uplifting chillout mixes. Every one of them, including this anniversary mix, is a true labor of love. I have so many favorites to mention here, and if you like what you hear here, there’s a catalog full of them to explore.

Thank you all for your support. I’ve received some wonderful feedback, messages of encouragement, stories of how this music is helping you get through their daily lives. I read every single one of them and it always makes my day to do so.

Here’s to the next 50 🥂

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Hope you enjoy this episode. Making this mix was a labor of love 🧡. If you feel like supporting Chill Pills podcast and online radio, buy me a cup of coffee ☕ ( It also helps when you share this podcast, rate it or leave a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you subscribed to it. Thank you!

For something calmer, check out my other podcast: Calm Pills (, which are soothing atmospheric ambient albums, seamlessly mixed to help with relaxation, meditation, reading or deep sleep. Mostly consisting of instrumental ambient sounds and soft piano music, these mixes will help you completely relax your mind and body.


Leo Almunia ― Minor Circle

Gary B ― Time To Slow It Down

Club Camarillo ― Baracoa

DJ Maretimo ― Una Historia De La Mar (Siesta Stories Mix)

atb ― Love the Silence

Yann Tiersen ― Coma

Tom Day ― Who We Want To Be (Soundtrack Version)

Pochill ― Discipline

Conjure One ― I Dream In Colour (Radio Edit)

Kupla ― The Past, The Present

BE ― Hey (It’s A Perfect Day)

Eriq Johnson ― Hold My Hand (Original Mix)

Darin Sysoev ― In Less Than No Time

Stray Theories ― A Distant Light

Jerez-Texas ― Paris Sous La Pluie

Andre Rieu ― Mon Amant De Saint-Jean

The Chill Pill album Fifty Shades of Chill was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on October 14, 2021

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