China has a golden start to the Tokyo Olympics, surprise losses in women's volleyball and mixed doubles table tennis, and much more

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We're jumping the gun. This is our temporary home until we find a more permanent place on the Internet, so consider the next few episodes of China Sports Insider Podcast a soft launch. There's just so much happening right now in the world of sports that we had to get these episodes out.
Today: the Tokyo Olympics. Simone Biles is out of the Olympics. After their gold-medal dives, two champion synchronized divers gave a candid interview about the pressures of competing while their bodies are still growing.
China is at the top of the table with 10 golds (so far) with some surprising wins. But the women's football team had a disappointing run, and their stellar volleyball team is in a rut. What's happening?
No fans in the stands in Tokyo, but the IOC wants fans at Beijing 2022. Could there be a way to make that happen?
And, as always, Boycott Watch.
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