Giveaway Celebration of 5000 Youtube Subscribers! (S4 E13)

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GIVEAWAY TIME! - Wow , we just reached 5000 Subscribers on YouTube!

I want to thank everyone here on Spotify, Apple & Audio platforms for your support of our content, and spreading all the goodness of this Ancient wisdom. Happy New Year indeed.

To celebrate, I'm giving away 3 courses worth $347 each AND All subscribers can get a free gift from me.

Thanks for your support and help in getting to 5000 Subscribers, Claim your free gift from me here:

You can check out my new courses in 2022 here, there are courses from as low as $39

All you need to do to enter the prize draw is:

1) be a subscriber on Chinese Medicine Podcast Youtube channel or Follow our podcast on Spotify


2) get your free copy of my new book chapter, and stay connected to me through my email list.

Three people will be drawn at random on Thursday 13th January 2022. The winners will be announced on Youtube (First name only) AND to the individual by email.

Prize Value $347 each prize. 3 winners will be drawn.


1. The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash.

2. To Enter you must be a subscriber on Chinese medicine Podcast Youtube Channel OR Follow Chinese medicine Podcast on Spotify and sign up to receive emails from Chinese Medicine Podcast.

3. Every Entrant will receive a free copy of the book chapter, Discovering Yin-Yang for Self-care.

4. Competition is open from now till Wednesday 12th January.

5. Three winners will be picked at random from active subscriptions to Chinese Medicine Podcast News.

6. Entrants are free to unsubscribe from the newsletter at anytime, however unsubscribing before 12th January will render the prize draw entry invalid.

7. People can only enter once.

8. Facebook, Instagram, Mail Chimp, Apple, Spotify and Youtube and any other third party social media companies used to advertise this competition are in no way associated with this promotion or Chinese medicine Podcast.

IMPORTANT: This video, as with all videos on the The Chinese Medicine Podcast are NOT a replacement for a health professional diagnosis. While Marie may answer your questions, all answers are not of a professional consultation level - it is impossible to check your pulse through the internet, hence Chinese medicine cannot be practiced properly through the internet. If you have any undiagnosed symptoms, or changes in your health condition The Chinese Medicine Podcast urges you to see your own doctor, GP, Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist or other health professional as appropriate. If it is an emergency call 000 in Australia. If you are unsure if this advice is appropriate for your individual situation ask your own practitioner before applying any diet or lifestyle techniques /concepts discussed in this video. Marie Hopkinson and The Chinese Medicine Podcast wishes you the best of health and improvement in your own health journey.

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