How anyone can master memorisation of Chinese Medicine with HAMISH BROWN S4 ep7

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Hamish doesn't have a photographic memory but if you talked to him about Chinese herbs, you would think that he does. This episode is for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine that want to improve their commitment to memorization and learn from someone who has continually applied themselves to it over many years. Hamish is very encouraging. It was my pleasure to talk all things memorization & learning Acupuncture points, Herbal formulas and more with Hamish Brown, a truly accomplished practitioner in Chinese Medicine. We talk about how he committed himself to memorization at various intervals in his career and in student life. Hamish has a strong commitment to learning Chinese Medicine and the benefits it brings to his patients is evident from the time I've spent personally at his clinic in Armidale doing clinical observation and Classical pulse diagnosis training in 2018In this episode, some of the themes and topics include: - How to stay motivated as a student and practitioner - Styles of learning and memorization tools that have worked for him- how to overcome the common barriers and obstacles that many practitioners face. - How to let go of regret and focus on moving forward in your learning at any level of learning

ABOUT HAMISH BROWN: The Way of Water Chinese Medicine Clinic in Armidale, NSW (Australia) is an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist trained in both TCM and Classical Canonical Chinese Medicine through Dr Arnaud Versluys in the Tian Lineage system (ICEAM). Hamish has many years of clinical practice and runs his own clinic in Armidale, NSW (Australia). Hamish is also trained in Martial Arts and is a teacher in his field. Clinic Phone: (02) 6771 3469

Marie's practice/contact details: MARIE HOPKINSON, Registered Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist in Australia (AHPRA) Consultations for treatment (individual) please call my clinic office to book in: 08 93289233 (Perth Natural Medical Clinic) or go to : Email Facebook:

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IMPORTANT: This video, as with all videos on the The Chinese Medicine Podcast are NOT a replacement for a health professional diagnosis. While Marie may answer your questions, all answers are not of a professional consultation level - it is impossible to check your pulse through the internet, hence Chinese medicine cannot be practiced properly through the internet. If you have any undiagnosed symptoms, or changes in your health condition The Chinese Medicine Podcast urges you to see your own doctor, GP, Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist or other health professional as appropriate. If it is an emergency call 000 in Australia. If you are unsure if this advice is appropriate for your individual situation ask your own practitioner before applying any diet or lifestyle techniques /concepts discussed in this video. Marie Hopkinson and The Chinese Medicine Podcast wishes you the best of health and improvement in your own health journey.

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