Wu Wei, Alchemy and How to Transcend the Five Elements with Leta Herman (Inspired Action Podcast) S4 Ep8

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What is Wu Wei? What is it to be your true self, be your element...but then can you be more than that? What a powerful discussion I had with Leta Herman from Inspired Action Podcast & the Alchemy Learning Center. We discuss what is this concept of Alchemy, how past trauma can impact us and who we are, and help us to transcend to our true self and even beyond that into a Sage.

About today's Guest, Leta Herman: Leta Herman is an Alchemical Healer, Chinese Medicine teacher, Podcast host of the Inspired Action Podcast, as well as author of Through the Mystery Gate, The Energy of Love, Connecting Your Circle, and The BIG “Little” Gua Sha Book. She is the founder of the Alchemy Healing Center, a very active Chinese Medicine clinic in Northampton, MA dedicated to helping clients find their true potential through Alchemical transformation. She is the driving force behind the new Alchemy Learning Center (AlchemyLearningCenter.com), offering online classes and live events related to The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy.

She has immersed herself in the philosophies of Daoism, Alchemical Healing, and Chinese Medicine for over twenty years. She is a long-time student of Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest and Chinese Medicine master. She is also a graduate of Eliot Cowan’s Plant Spirit Medicine studies program and has studied intensively with well-known teachers and former students of J.R. Worsley, who brought Five Element Acupuncture to England in the 1960s. A Smith College graduate and past nationally syndicated journalist, Herman is a world explorer who speaks multiple languages, loves life, her family, and a challenging game of Boggle.

Leta's New Book: https://alchemylearningcenter.com/books-meditations https://www.facebook.com/InspiredActionPodcast https://www.facebook.com/AlchemyLearningCenter https://www.facebook.com/LetaHermanAlchemy Instagram: @inspiredactionpodcast https://www.instagram.com/inspiredaction/ Twitter: @InspiredActionX

Marie's practice/contact details: MARIE HOPKINSON, Registered Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist in Australia (AHPRA) Consultations for treatment (individual) please call my clinic office to book in: 08 93289233 (Perth Natural Medical Clinic) or go to : http://www.bespokemedicine.net/ Email hello@bespokemedicine.net Facebook: fb.me/bespokemedicine Learn Chinese Medicine with me in my new course : www.metrohealth.com.au/learn-chinese-medicine-with-marie-hopkinson/

IMPORTANT: This video, as with all videos on the The Chinese Medicine Podcast are NOT a replacement for a health professional diagnosis. While Marie may answer your questions, all answers are not of a professional consultation level - it is impossible to check your pulse through the internet, hence Chinese medicine cannot be practiced properly through the internet. If you have any undiagnosed symptoms, or changes in your health condition The Chinese Medicine Podcast urges you to see your own doctor, GP, Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist or other health professional as appropriate. If it is an emergency call 000 in Australia. If you are unsure if this advice is appropriate for your individual situation ask your own practitioner before applying any diet or lifestyle techniques /concepts discussed in this video. Marie Hopkinson and The Chinese Medicine Podcast wishes you the best of health and improvement in your own health journey.

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