When Healing Tools Don't Take Away The Pain; Navigating Betrayal Trauma

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When you start navigating the healing journey, you learn all kinds of tools and concepts, and you start applying them in hopes that change happens, in hopes that healing happens. But what if you are using ALL the tools and you are still feeling pain? What if you are trying to do all the things professionals say. to do but you are still feeling hurt?

Today Amie and Alana discuss the in's and out's of healing and how to view pain in a different way. Most of all, to know that you are not doing it wrong, and not going backwards.

Ongoing Courses:

Am I In An Abusive Relationship? - Free, self-paced workshop to help you identify key red flags that might be showing up in your relationship.

Road To Recovery - Join Luke and Alana Gordon, Founders of Choose Recovery Services and Program Directors for the Men of Moroni and The Worth Group for a free monthly couples webinar. Navigating the relational aspects on the road to recovery can be complex and confusing.

Choose 180 Male Support Group - Led by Luke Gordon

In 180 we help men move through the pains of addiction, relationship healing, managing emotions, and moving past shame. You’ll learn how to better connect with other men, understand your own emotional experience, and build a deep self respect.

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Upcoming Events:

Believing In You- Group Coaching Program - GET YOUR SPOT FOR NEXT ROUND IN JANUARY!!

Take your healing to the NEXT LEVEL in Amie's group coaching program where you will gain more awareness that will help you heal in ways you didn't even know you needed. For more information on what this class entails click the link to find out more.

Should I Stay or Should I Go - Held on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month. Come join this FREE group coaching with Amie for those who are feeling stuck in making a decision around their marriage. Come and get coached in a safe space to help you shift through not so helpful thoughts that are keeping you stuck

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