DEA Agent Who Caught El Chapo - Episode #1

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Andrew “Drew” Hogan is a highly decorated Special Agent (retired) with the Drug Enforcement Administration. In 2018, Drew and I coauthored the bestselling book, Hunting El Chapo, and I’m excited he could join me to chop it up about his work studying, tracking and ultimately masterminding the capture of Joaquin Guzman Loera, a.k.a. “El Chapo”—according to Forbes magazine, the richest drug lord of his era. The manhunt for this elusive drug-trafficker was a sprawling operation, involving dozens of agencies and hundreds of brave members of law enforcement and the Mexican Marines. But in my opinion, without the dogged high-tech detective work of Drew Hogan, Chapo would today likely still be a free man in the Sierra Madre mountains of Sinaloa. Featuring never-before-seen photos snapped by Drew himself on his phone during the capture op, this episode takes you inside the day-to-day reality of the “Narcos” world like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

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