#AskMeAnything: Chiefs Super Bowl Hangover + QB-Coach Royal Rumble

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Simms coaches Ahmed on New York traffic and his snap count before they empty the mailbag with a 100% #AskMeAnything.

(10:00) Rookie QBs: How would Chris rank the 2021 Draft class on pure ceiling? Where would Jordan Love rank in this class? Is Fields/Dalton similar to Mahomes/Smith?

(22:20) "What If?" QBs: Who is the best QB who hasn't won a Super Bowl? What bust would have succeeded on a better team? And Chris clarifies his stance on Sam Darnold.

(31:30) Spider 2 Y Banana: Chris picks his perfect receivers for Jon Gruden's favorite play.

(35:30) London team: What are the hurdles for an NFL team moving overseas?

(38:20) Jets: How much of a jump will the offense take from Adam Gase to Mike LaFleur?

(40:40) Trey Lance: How much reading of the defense did he do in college?

(42:00) Brady's Bucs: How many QBs could have won the Super Bowl last year with that supporting cast?

(48:30) Defensive schemes: Which one currently gives NFL offenses the most trouble?

(53:10) Vikings: How big a bounceback will Mike Zimmer's defense have this year? And does Simms really like Mike Florio?

(58:50) Chiefs: Get ready for a Super Bowl hangover.

(1:00:55) OBJ: Would the Browns be better off trading him?

(1:04:35) Aaron Rodgers: Should the Broncos trade for him? Can the Packers still win the Super Bowl with him?

(1:10:55) 2021 Draft picks: Should Baltimore have taken Terrace Mashall Jr instead of Rashod Bateman? How will the Cardinals use LB Zaven Collins? How did the Chargers do in the draft?

(1:17:45) Fights: Who was the most intimidating player Chris ever faced? And what QB-Head Coach combo would win an NFL Royal Rumble?

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