Julio Jones traded + Top 40 QB Countdown: #20-17

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Julio Jones is traded, Simms reveals 4 more names from the Top 40 QB Countdown, and Ahmed gets into the Top 10 of his QB/Coach Royal Rumble rankings. But first, Chris analyzes Ahmed's dapper Belmont Stakes attire.

(5:15) Julio Jones trade: The Titans could have a historic WR duo. Ryan Tannehill is good, get over it. And why couldn't the Falcons get more for Julio?

(21:00) QB #20 Cam Newton: "He still has one of the greatest presences on a football field. It's not just about the passing numbers."

(35:15) QB #19 Sam Darnold: Chris still thinks he can be a franchise QB. But Ahmed knows Sam is lying.

(46:20) QB #18 Carson Wentz: "I'm not going to knock him all the way down because of 1 year in a bad offense with a bad supporting cast."

(59:25) QB #17 Joe Burrow: "If he doesn't get hurt, he's definitely around the Top 10 this year"

(1:10:15) Homies react: What do Baker & Burrow have over Big Ben? Why didn't Jordan Love make the Top 40?

(1:15:15) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed reveals the #16-9 toughest tag teams

(1:29:55) Chris Simms, Professional Body Inspector: Giovani Bernard enters the quad-rena, and AJ Dillon has 2 nicknames.

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