#226: The Real Reason You’re “Trying Too Hard” in Dating – Q&A with Anna Rova

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Earlier this year, Anna did a series of live Q&As on Instagram where she popped in daily to answer women’s burning questions about dating. In this session, Anna asked, “What is your biggest challenge in dating?” Here are some of the replies she got:

Elegantly withholding sex until I know he’s committed to me only.

My masculine energy takes over and I make all the moves.

Unavailable men who treat women poorly or being ghosted without knowing why…

And Brooke asked, “When I finally find some I’m interested in, I get too excited and try too hard. How do I play it cool and easy?” Anna went live with Brooke to answer her question and explain why the fix for all these problems is exactly the same.

Here is what this episode is about:

  • Why men are our mirrors & how our beliefs about men influence the men we attract
  • How our enoughness is at the root of most of our dating problems
  • The importance of knowing the “rules of the dating game”
  • And much more…

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