Wire Taps 245—Space career to help differentiate. Lots of potential, for next season. Using the MBA to help relocate?

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This week's episode of WireTaps kicks off with some discussion about the recent rollout of Clear Admit+, our new subscription service (which we are very excited to have launched!). Clear Admit+ comprises more than 4 hours of proprietary video content that Graham and Alex recently recorded in London. The subscription also includes access to our data dashboard, unlimited access to Clear Admit publications, and a monthly webinar series, the first of which is scheduled for today. More details are here: https://www.clearadmit.com/clearadmit-plus-members/ Beyond chatting about Clear Admit+, Graham highlighted the recent Adcom Q&As with Stanford and Arizona State / Carey. Graham then highlighted the ongoing MBA essay workshop series; this Wednesday’s final event includes admissions representatives from Cornell / Johnson, UNC / Kenan Flagler, Yale SOM, UCLA / Anderson, and Michigan / Ross. Signups are here: https://bit.ly/cambaessays As always, this episode features in depth discussion about three real MBA applicants, taken from our ApplyWire tool: First up, Alex selects an India engineer, who has focused their career in Space. We like that experience and hope it becomes part of their long term goal, as a point of differentiation. They have average numbers for their demographic (710 GMAT, 3.3 GPA), so career differentiation will help. They may also seek to retake the GMAT. This week's second candidate is earlier in their career, but is planning on applying in another year. She is a software engineer at Microsoft, born in Spain, but migrated to the US several years ago with her family. Her numbers are very decent (720, 3.77) but should she - as an early bird - consider retaking the GMAT? Finally, Alex and Graham profile another candidate who may need to tackle the issue of an over-represented profile (this is not entirely clear). They work in finance, and started their career in India then moved to Dubai. They are using the MBA, in part, to move geographies to either Europe or America. A strong GMAT (730) with a decent (but potentially not outstanding) GPA should keep them in the running, but more details are needed to fully understand their strategy. This episode was recorded in Paris, France and Cornwall, England. It was produced and engineered by Dennis Crowley in glorious West Philadelphia. Thanks for listening, and for telling at least 1 person about this show!

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