Love Judas? And some rambling

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I had planned a different podcast today. I've been studying Judas for 2 weeks because of a post going around on Social Media. Something like... Being a Christian is not loving Jesus, it's loving Judas. At first, I was like AMEN! But then I got to really thinking. I have a "Judas" in my life right now. And I'm going to tell you.... It's HARD to show love to that person. It's hard to act like everything is fine around them. It's hard not to let resentment set in my heart. And I've been praying ALOT for this heart NOT to allow bitterness and resentment to settle in!

So in this episode, I talk a little about it but not the whole study yet. Hopefully, it all makes sense to you and the rambling is not too confusing!

All my love in Christ, Christina

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