006 Daniel Shaw (@dshaw) introduces NodeSource at JSConf 2014

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Episode Info

  • Episode: CW 006
  • Published: June 18th, 2014
  • Tags: nodejs, jsconf
  • Duration: 23:54

Episode Notes

NodeSource is a professional Node.js software company. NodeSource provides enterprise-grade software products and educational and professional consulting services to empower companies to be effective and productive with Node.js.

  • https://nodesource.com/ - NodeSource website with team background
  • https://nodesource.com/products - NodeSource products
    • npm Plus - NodeSource is the premier, certified reseller of on-premise, private npm instances. NodeSource has partnered with npm Inc. to deliver a secure, on-premise, private npm solution alongside managed services such as:
      • Bespoke npm Training
      • 24x7x365 Support
      • Custom Integrations (LDAP, SSO, etc.)
    • N|Ship - NodeSource’s official Node.js deployment solution to make app deployments easy, secure and automated.
  • http://2014.jsconf.us/ - JSConf 2014 - May 27-31, 2014 at Amelia Island, FL

NodeSource Team (mentioned in interview)

![DanShaw][] ![JoeMccann][] ![RodVagg][] ![ChrisWilliams][] ![TrevorNorris][]

Social Media Links

NodeSource Team (partial list)

  • NodeSource twitter
  • Daniel Shaw, Co-founder twitter
  • Joe McCann, Co-founder twitter
  • Rod Vagg, Director of Engineering twitter
  • Chris Williams, Director of Professional Services twitter
  • Trevor Norris, Node.js Maintainer twitter


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