CWK Show #458 LIVE: Top Five Star Wars Visions Episodes

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On CWK LIVE, I’ll share your top five favorite Star Wars Visions episodes and discuss some new action figure releases from Hasbro. This is the LIVE podcast you’re looking for!
If you missed this week’s CWK LIVE on our Facebook feed, or the video replay on Facebook, Instagram, or our YouTube channel, Dan Z has you covered with the audio feed of CWK LIVE here on Coffee With Kenobi’s podcast feed! On this week’s LIVE show, Dan Z shares your top five Darth Vader moments from Star Wars films, animation, and literature and announces an all-new offer for members of the CWK Alliance.
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Pull up a chair, grab your favorite coffee mug, and let’s have some Coffee With Kenobi. Thanks for listening, and have a great week; this is the podcast you’re looking for!
- Dan Z (@MrZehr on Twitter)
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