Ahoy! Here's a sneak peek of Cohort Captain

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Ahoy! This is Cohort Captain, the super actionable podcast made for cohort-based course creators.

I'm your host, Jonathan Woodruff, and, just to introduce you to this podcast...

In each episode, I'll interview an expert (who is usually also a cohort-based course creator) so they can break down their methods.

For example, episode 1 features Captain Norman Tran who breaks down his method for writing highly relatable landing page copy. In episode 2, Captain Nate Kadlac breaks down his method for creating a design kit for your course website, etc.

This podcast is free to listen to on every podcast app on the planet as well as CohortCaptain.com.

I will release an episode every Tuesday, each one being anywhere from 40ish to 60ish minutes long.

Also... it's ad-free. Ya welcome.

Also... we won't dilly dally in the beginning of each episode... we'll just get straight to the actionable good stuff.

And remember... always captain your cohort, always be my matey, and never lick an iceberg while your ship is passing by.

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