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When in conversation about our investor group, we are asked one question quite often, which is, what exactly is our goal with the group as more people join? Along with this question, there have been comments made saying, if what we do really works then we would be off doing it and not needing to create a group.
So, on today’s episode, we wanted to address these points openly because we think we can offer some insight in doing that.
You will hear your host Mike Dehaan explain the vision Dan and Mike have for this investor group to ensure it is beneficial for everyone involved, and how they are able to be part of projects like creating a podcast and a community and still run their real estate business successfully.

So tune in to hear what Dan and Mike are doing to create a group of investors that benefit through community.

If you are interested in learning from Dan and Mike to receive coaching and learn how they built their business, head to instantinvestorprogram.com and see if you are a good fit for the mastermind group!

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