Answering Call Of Duty After First Shots Fired Round The World

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Learn which 2 Prominent Massachusetts Leaders had advocated tirelessly for their people to be properly armed. Discover how successful Courier Riders were in warning townspeople of incoming enemy intrusions including alternative measures. Find out exactly how long it took Captain Arnold and his regiment to learn about skirmishes at Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts. Discover for whom Captain Arnold and other New England Merchants viewed as chief problem source 3,000 Miles away in England. Go behind the scenes and get an in depth analysis into Captain Arnold’s Strategical Planning with regards to attacking multiple forts. Learn if Massachusetts Committee of Safety met directly with Arnold regarding his plans to attack multiple forts. Discover the good news bestowed upon Benedict Arnold come May 3, 1775. Find out if any surprises come about for Arnold after May 3 and whether or not they result in further conflicts from within. Learn about Ethan Allen including his stance towards Benedict Arnold. Find out whether or not Arnold has any fallout with Massachusetts Provincial Congress including Connecticut General Assembly. Learn about other ups & downs Arnold faced prior to 1775’s end. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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