From Prospering In New Haven To Adapting Into Post French & Indian War World

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Discover if New Haven, Connecticut where Benedict Arnold now settled had become fastest growing port along Long Island Sound. Learn how Yale College/University got its name and whether or not young Benedict had any extended family residing in New Haven. Determine if there were any red flags that had potential to negatively impact Benedict Arnold’s profession. Find out what high distinction got bestowed upon Benedict Arnold in 1765 including whom else he met which would ultimately lead to something bigger. Get an understanding behind why the 7 Years War Aftermath wasn’t all that great for the victors, Britain. Get an in depth analysis behind Parliamentary Measures enacted between 1764-1765. Discover if debt itself was something Arnold himself including countless other New England Merchants couldn’t avoid. Learn which act Parliament repealed in March 1766 only to enact new legislative measure come February 1767. Find out whether or not someone had spread a vicious personal rumor involving Arnold. Learn about another piece of Parliamentary Legislation enacted on May 10, 1773 including the actions which followed entering Mid December of that year. Discover how Parliament responded to the actions that ensued from December 16, 1773 including Benedict Arnold’s response. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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