Part 2/2: SOS/Save Our Ship - Titanic

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Discover if Titanic’s Wireless Operator’s had success with getting through to other ships just after midnight on April 15? Learn what exact official orders had been given by Titanic’s Captain Edward J. Smith and how they got interpreted by Will Murdoch, First Officer, & Charles Lightoller, Second Officer. Learn how Titanic Wireless Operator Jack Phillips handled himself under pressure in midst of ship’s rapid demise. Determine if Arthur Rostron, Carpathia’s Captain, showed signs of concern despite having made all necessary preparations. Discover just how dire Titanic’s situation had become as lifeboats were fewer in number. Learn how Carpathia Passengers began realizing that certain things weren’t exactly right onboard come after midnight April 15. Get an understanding of what transpires onboard Titanic between timeframe of 2:10-2:17AM April 15. Learn how one couple aboard Carpathia learned of what was taking place and how it directly involved Titanic’s well being. Determine whether or not any of Titanic’s Lifeboats made any attempts to search for survivors struggling in midst of frigid water temperatures. Get an in depth analysis behind what Captain Rostron & Carpathia Crew performed between 2:40-3:30AM and what they realized once entering 41.46 Degrees Longitude North, 50.14 Degrees Latitude West. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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