Jamie D'Souza on Arsenal - EP 18

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Comedian and Gunners fan Jamie D'Souza got into football at the age of 11 and as the 'The Invincible' came to the end of their reign... So Jamie talks about how it's all been downhill for Arsenal ever since.
We talk Saka's chances of making an impression for England at the Euros, if Arteta is the man to bring home the Premier League title (or even the Papa Johns Cup) home to The Emirates and why Jamie would favoured a centre-back in his 'fantasy cult five-a-side' Arsenal team over Ian Wright.
We also talk about Jamie D'Souza's amazing ability to compare any comedian in the world to any professional footballer...
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Presented/Edited by: Sam Michael
Music By: David Hoare
Artwork by: James Gent

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