#62 What to know before investing in a marketplace - Steve Dennis

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Steve Dennis is the author of Remarkable Retail and is the president and founder of Sageberry Consulting. Having previously worked with brands such as Neiman Marcus.

Steve's two decades of work in the commerce industry has made him an expert on the evolving industry and those who have succeeded in digital transformation as well as those who have lost. We spoke to Steve to learn more about the current trend taking ecommerce by storm, the marketplace. Is investing in a marketplace the right move for every brand?

Table of contents

Sears as an e-commerce early adopter 2:43

The mail order catalog model - 5:40

The first wave of commerce - 11:40

US success cases and what they have in common - 17:00

Marketplaces and the difference between being a buying or shopping brand - 30:10

Amazon and what's next for commerce - 44:25

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