#73 - What to know before bringing your E-Commerce business to the middle east - Nalla Karunanithy, Entrepreneur

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Nalla Karunanithy, an entrepreneur and ecommerce veteran, joined us to shed some light on the current E-Commerce market in the middle east compared to five years ago and compared to other regions.The E-Commerce ecosystem there is evolving rapidly and with new businesses entering the market every day, it’s important to know how to differentiate. Listen in to learn more about common bottlenecks you may encounter, phases of growth to anticipate, and cultural insights to be aware of.

Table of contents

Drivers of the E-Commerce market - 4:45

Mall culture and E-Commerce- 6:50

Phases of growth when starting an E-Commerce company - 8:50

Common bottlenecks to be aware of - 11:10

Noon vs. Amazon - 14:00

Building your own E-Commerce platform - 15:50

Advice to those joining the market - 17:55

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