How to Grow a Woman-Led CRE Business in Today’s Industry

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Last year, as the industry was still processing the lockdown and the pandemic, Lindsay Ornstein and Stephen Power took their collaboration to another level. They started a nonprofit advisory practice, which soon led to them launching OPEN Impact Real Estate, a brokerage and advisory services firm, affiliated with Transwestern. In little over a year, the company grew to include 13 team members, most of whom are women. In a conversation with Commercial Property Executive Senior Editor Alexandra Both, Ornstein shares her strategies for growing the company further as the market prepares for a slowdown in 2023. Here are some highlights:

  • How to attract more women into CRE 3:37
  • Vibe-cession vs. recession 7:58
  • Strategizing for a slow 2023 9:55
  • Office trends: flight to quality 11:58
  • Office leasing in NYC 15:30
  • Headwinds in the industry for brokers 20:35
  • Challenges for CRE landlords 24:01
  • Advice for women entering the industry 28:14

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