Rising Challenges Point to a Gloomy Economic Outlook

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Sentiment in real estate markets around the world is toning down, following consistent improvements in the past few quarters. The tightening in monetary policy and the rising inflation are weighing on the global economic outlook. Here’s what RICS Economist Tarrant Parsons revealed about the Q2 Global Commercial Property Monitor in this podcast episode:

  • General ides stemming from the report (00:45)
  • Respondents’ perceptions on where their local market is in the cycle (1:57)
  • Global occupier demand by sector (3:10)
  • Why investment activity is slowing down (4:14)
  • Valuations (5:24)
  • Real estate sentiment in specific regions: APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America (6:38)
  • Is a global recession nearing? (12:04)

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