149 - The CMO Model explained

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In this episode Jerry talks through the What, Why's & How's of a Commercial Multiple Occupancy (CMO) building.

  • The origins of CMO?
  • What is a CMO property and what makes it different
  • What type of customers use Commercial Multilet property?
  • Why would clients like CMO buildings as homes for their businesses?
  • How do customers consume the space?
  • Why should we invest in CMO properties?
  • Why should they perform well during times of uncertainty?
  • How you can start investing in this great asset class.

This episode is for listeners who want to understand how this cashflowing model works and how it can work for them.


Details & Link to our November CMO 3 day intensive:

A fully immersive behind the scenes program design to help you identify, negotiate, purchase, design, refurb and operate your very own CMO property. https://commercialpropertyinvestor.co.uk/3-day-intensive-cmo-event/

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