BIGGEST RISK with Kurt Uhlir

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J Darrin Gross:

I’d like to ask you, Kurt Uhlir, What is the biggest risk?

Kurt Uhlir

The big key is risk in my personal business. And I think in most people's businesses, actually, what am I wrong about today? And I like I don't know what I'm wrong about in my business today. But I can guarantee I'm wrong about at least three fundamental things. And I say that from too many decades is already working and not enough hours sleeping, realizing. Like I know one thing and feeling right and feeling wrong feels exactly the same until you realize your wily coyote out over the ledge and you realize in that moment, I've been wrong about a fundamental belief in my business for the last three months, three years, and something's come out wrong. And so I do a lot to in my personal life or my business life there to try to de risk that by putting people around me that have full transparency into what I'm doing and the decisions and my thought process in business. Some cases, those are paid mentors and coaches, other times or masterminds where people that are in similar, often non competitive businesses that are trying to accomplish the same growth trajectory, tried the same things, and fully exposed, hey, here's why. Here's how I'm making this approach. And be very give other people permission to speak into cordite. I think this is what you're missing. Comana that times where it's like, you realize, oh, God, I've been putting in a lot of resources, millions of dollars in some cases. And I realize I've been fundamentally wrong, and I just lost it all, man. And we've been really nice to somebody could have given me that insight beforehand. So I've, I've been in that wrong situation too many times. But I've also saved millions of dollars, by having close people in those relationships, point out things to me that I really thought I was right about, until they started pushing me on it. And I realized through kind of that discovery, now, there's much more riskier than I think, and I need to change path before I write that next check.

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