81: Taking Action With a Positive Mindset (w/ Will Polston)

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Sagi Shrieber on The Commit First Podcast Presents:

Taking Action With a Positive Mindset (w/ Will Polston)


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Episode 81 - Taking Action With a Positive Mindset (w/ Will Polston)

Hey everyone!

For today's episode, I invited mindset strategist Will Polston to talk about how your very own mindset can affect the way you project yourself towards success. We will also talk about how taking action on your goals is only effective when you're taking action on your actions.

On this podcast, we delve into the topic of how certain beliefs can mislead aspiring entrepreneurs into taking longer paths to success, and how having a positive outlook on failures can bring about important lessons to help you grow.

Join us as we discuss various experiences and provide tips to help you improve the quality of your business game plan. With Will's advice, you'll be equipped with efficient shortcuts without the risk of cutting any corners.

Will Polston is a mindset strategist, sought out by top dogs such as celebrities and athletes for his unique methodology to create phenomenal and lightning-fast results. Now an accredited Master Coach and NLP Master Practicioner, he proudly holds the title of being the youngest British male member of the Intentional Coaching Federation in the world.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

Topics discussed on the show:

Clarity, Action, and Accountability
Changing Your Perspective
Turning Failures Into Lessons
North Stars
Priority Management: 4 Time Zones
Intelligent Action
Taking Action on Your Actions
Activity is Not Productivity
Control The Controllables
The "Make It Happen" Formula
Deserve Level

Links Mentioned:

The Demartini Value Determination Process:

Will Polston's Website

You can find Will at:

Instagram: (@WillPolston)

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