82: How to Overcome Overwhelm (w/ Baiju Solanki)

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Sagi Shrieber on The Commit First Podcast Presents:

How to Overcome Overwhelm (w/ Baiju Solanki)


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Episode 82 - How to Overcome Overwhelm (w/ Baiju Solanki)

Hey everyone!

For today's episode, I invited Business Coach Baiju Solanki to discuss the various ways you can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by your business. We'll also talk about how business is a game, and how knowing its rules can help you create the perfect game plan.

On this podcast, find out about how Baiju went from being a psychologist to a self-made entrepreneur, and how he overcame his own struggles along the way. Discover more about yourself using the "Change Your Game" scorecard, and utilize it to improve your own game plan.

But there's more than just the game plan, says Baiju. Baiju emphasizes that more than just taking action on the game plan you've set for yourself, you must also make sure to stay consistent in playing it out every day. Stay persistent and consistent.

Baiju Solanki is an award-winning business coach who helps other entrepreneurs take struggling businesses and launch them into newfound success. Also a social media evangelist, he advises on how you can use the different social media platforms to increase your reach and influence. Baiju’s mission is to transform the world through teaching entrepreneurial skills to business people, start-ups, students and employees to increase productivity, performance & winning mindsets.

Enjoy the episode everyone!

Topics discussed on the show:

Committing first
Business is a game
The Inner Game
The Game Plan
The Outer Game
Change your game scorecard
"Woo Woo Stuff"
The Card Stack Method
Working out the "How"
Adding Value to Someone's Life
Results: Detach and Accept
Adding Value to Someone's Life
The Difference between Influence and Manipulation
Turning Pro - Steven Pressfield
Planning Ahead

Links Mentioned:

Change Your Game Scorecard:

Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield:

I'm an Entrepreneur - Get Me Out of Here! By Baiju Solanki:

You can find Baiju at:

Instagram - @baijusolanki




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