CWHO Mastermind Series EP 7 - Mental Health and Entrepreneurship with Dustin Hogan

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Please welcome Dustin Hogan back again for another episode as he engages live with our Mastermind audience as he goes through different strategies one can employ to improve his/her mental health in these hectic times.
Dustin is a Men’s Mental Wellness Counsellor who is passionate about helping men develop more self-awareness and powerful tools to navigate challenges with anxiety, depression, confidence, self-esteem, relationships, communication, motivation, and more.
As someone who has dealt with crippling anxiety and depression for many years, Dustin knows what it is like to struggle with inner demons, a lack of self-belief, and feeling like a failure.
Before becoming a Men's Mental Wellness Counsellor, Dustin had a successful career as a professional speaker, trainer, and coach and travelled throughout Western Canada speaking to well over 35,000 students, teachers, mental health professionals, and law enforcement members. In 2019, he decided to step away from that career to pursue counselling and it was one of the best decisions he ever made!
Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife, staying physically active, and sharing laughs with friends.
Dustin is available for 1-on-1 sessions and he brings his brand of support and inspiring energy to all his clients!
As entrepreneurs, we often put mental health on the backburner in the name of the Hustle but what a lot of us are forgetting - or don't like to think about because we're all impatient as eff - is that entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.
Unfortunately, as a result of the hustle culture, we're all burning ourselves out. Not enough sleep, no time for exercise, friends and family pushed to the boundaries, all to achieve our goals yesterday. The result of all this is a record number of us are suffering from crippling anxiety and depression where the only way we know how to move forward will only drag us deeper into this vicious cycle.
Fortunately, there's hope and Dustin is here to go over all the various self-care strategies to keep our tanks filled, batteries charged, and let us continue to crush our to-do list and not the other way around. This is an amazing episode and the issues and solutions discussed are more pertinent than ever after what the world has gone through these past 16 months. We know we say this a lot but this is really one episode you don't want to miss.
Please enjoy and stay safe everyone!
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