Episode 89 - 2021 NFL Season Preview with Scott Banksley & Three Gripes

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Great episode this week. No, seriously, it's great. Listen for yourself if you don't believe me, gosh. Talking a bit about Texas, but really just a bit because it makes me want to swallow bleach.

Then I welcome the one and only, Scott Banksley back to the program to talk about the coming NFL season. We get into the Patriots schedule, playoff participants, season win over/unders and Super Bowl picks. There's also a dip into a few Week 1 picks.

Three Gripes this week: Spam emails, guys that go to the strip club by themselves AND strippers that wear protective gear on stage & athletes that feel the need to announce they're getting into crypto.

Check it out. #TellYourFriends #BeAFriend #TellYourMoms

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