Common Misunderstandings of Surgical Coding

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I recently talked with Christopher Chandler, a senior consultant at a large medical group in the professional coding and reimbursements department. Christopher explained a whole slew of common misunderstandings of surgical coding. We soon realized that at the end of the day, many people just don’t understand the coding system. There’s so much confusion about how the coding system works, how ICD coding works with CPT coding, and even more confusion when multiple procedures overlap. It’s cause for a lot of mistakes–and a ton of stress. But, when you really understand the system, you can navigate surgical coding in a way that will accurately reflect what the physician’s doing, regardless of complexity. Rid your life of added stress by becoming a surgical coding expert by listening to our newest podcast, Common Misunderstandings of Surgical Coding, where you’ll learn how to: Ensure reimbursement through accurate coding Code separate procedures Avoid over-coding, coding post-op work, and more!

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