E/M Coding Tips And Risks

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For this episode of Compliance Conversations, I sat down with Chad Peterson, a senior consultant at a large hospital, in their professional coding and reimbursement group. He educates physicians, mid-level providers/ advanced practice providers and even ancillary staff about E/M coding. Peterson explained some of the most common E/M coding mistakes. For example, in 2013 they came out with the status of 3 chronic conditions in addition to the already set guidelines. There’s often confusion around when to use regular HPI elements or when to use the status of 3 chronic conditions. “This is something really useful for your physicians,” Peterson added. Tune in to this episode of Compliance Conversations, “E/M Coding Tips and Risks,” to learn: How to navigate the gray areas of medical necessity When to use the chronic conditions status Why the risks of EMR upcoding and auto-populating are so grave

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