How to Avoid the Compliance Dangers of Medical Marijuana

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Weed. Pot. Ganja. Marijuana goes by many names and has been a part of the global counterculture scene for decades. But now it’s quickly becoming a part of healthcare, as medical marijuana continues to be legalized across the nation. In my latest episode of Compliance Conversations, I talked with Judy Cassel, JD, MBA, an expert legal advisor on all things medical marijuana. I asked her how medical marijuana will impact physicians, compliance officers, and hospitals. There are dangers in prescribing it even if it’s legal. While each state is able to decide on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana, it’s still illegal at a federal level–this is where things get complicated. Cassel explained the dangers of physicians, or a practice, prescribing medical marijuana and how you and your organization can recommend it while still remaining compliant. Listen to this episode to learn how to: Reduce Opioid Deaths and Addiction Avoid Violating the Federal Law with Medical Marijuana Recommend Medical Marijuana and Stay Compliant

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